Our Esteemed Teachers


Nausher Alam

An educational disruptor based in Lahore, Nausher Alam has been expanding internationally of late, with contributions in Physics as well as the roaring successes of his students. As a student himself, he found himself teaching friends and family around him, despite managing a family business, and pursuing degrees in engineering, physics and business. Since then, he has pursued the role of a teacher, and is grateful to have found work where his passion truly lies.


Miss Samiya Arshad

Miss Samiya teaches chemistry at LGS, TCS and GACS. Did his M.Phil. in chemistry, having 7 years of teaching experience to the O/A levels in top notch institutions of Lahore, like SICAS, Aitchison, TCS, GACS and LGS. Currently visiting faculty at GACS, TCS and LGS.


Abdullah Ghelli

Abdullah Ghelli has had a teaching career spanning 9 years. He started teaching as a student at the University of Minnesota, where he got his degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry. Subsequently, he has gone on to work in clinical research and has taught mathematics, biology and chemistry at various points in his career at the high school and university levels. He currently teaches A Level Chemistry at Cedar College


Ahmad Zunair

πŸ“š Meet Ahmad Zunair, Your A-Level Mathematics Mentor πŸ“š
πŸŽ“ Proud GIKI Engineering Graduate | 7+ Years Teaching Experience πŸŽ“
🌟 I’ve excelled in various school systems, leading 180+ students to A and A* grades. 🌟
🧠 I immerse my students in math, covering all angles examiners may use. 🧠
πŸ’ͺ Join me to master mathematics and confidently ace your A-level exam. πŸ’ͺ
πŸš€ Let’s boss your A-level math together! πŸš€


Mustafa Arif

A doctor by profession, Mustafa Arif has been teaching Biology for the past 11 years to both local and International students and has taught O Levels, IGCSE and A Level students across multiple boards including CAIE, Pearson Edexcel and Oxford AQA. Apart from that, he also has experience in teaching students to appear for various medical school and other professional examinations.


Iftikhar Ahmad

As a math teacher, my goal is to foster a learning environment that inspires my students to not just passively consume information, but to actively engage with and apply mathematical concepts in their lives. I believe in equipping my students with the necessary skills, strategies, and critical thinking abilities to solve problems, analyze data, and reason mathematically. I strive to create a classroom culture that values curiosity, collaboration, and risk-taking, where students feel safe to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn from them. Currently teaching in ISL, TCS Ravi. In the past taught in BSS, LGS.