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Zain Merchant

Zain Merchant teaches O/A level computer science at the leading colleges including Cedar College, Nixor College and Sceptre College. He has also taught at Southshore, BCCD and Reads College. He also takes teacher training sessions and does freelance in data analysis and software development. Zain did his Bachelors in Computer Science from FAST NUCES and Masters in Computer Science from IBA. Zain’s achievements in programming competitions and passion for teaching lead him to disrupt educational sector with his knowledge in edtech and mastery of different teaching methodologies.

Zain is more of a mentor to his students as he guides them in more than what goes in the classroom. He is a strong proponent of teaching for mastery and being a life-long learner thus he brings new pedagogies in class to implement it. Zain is flexible and adapts to the needs of the class so they can achieve more, he keeps introducing better tools to keep the engagement high. When he is not working on the usual, he enjoys playing online games like DoTA2 and hearthstone and tries to keep up with what’s happening in the world of tech and football.

Course Features

We believe that there is more to online education than just video conferencing and lecture delivery.
Live Lectures
Tune in to lectures in real-time and have the opportunity to maximise learning with student-teacher interaction.
Class Recordings
Missed a lecture? Not to worry! All classes are recorded and made accessible to students for viewing at a later time.
Supplementary Videos
Have access to specialised guidance videos with tips and tricks on how to prepare for exams.
Digital Notes
Have access to all notes made by the teacher himself!
Past Papers Practice
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Worksheets and Quizzes
If you’re tired of past papers and want to test your knowledge, access to additional testing material is available.
Q/A Sessions
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Online Community
Be a part of a community dedicated to your class – where you can interact with your classmates and teachers, and get help 24/7.
One-on-One Support
Need a bit of extra help? The Circle offers additional one-on-one support for all students that need it.

Sample Lecture Videos

Get a taste of what to expect by going through Zain’s class recordings!

Some Happy Campers

Sir Zain is an extremely passionate teacher who makes learning computer science engaging for everyone. His teaching strategies for A Level Computer Science are highly effective, and his approach ensures that students master each specification of the course. He also sharpened our problem-solving skills by giving us fun open-ended tasks. Even today, I regularly apply the innovative problem-solving techniques that he taught us in my professional life.
His valuable guidance and support enabled me to achieve my goal of obtaining a distinction in the A Level Computer Science Exams of 2019.

Abdul A. K.

Cedar College

Throughout our lives we are taught by multiple teachers but there are always a few that are remembered for lifetime. No doubt, Sir Zain Merchant is one of them for me. A teacher even has responsibilities outside the classroom apart from the curriculum and not everyone manages to fulfil them. Sir Zain has been one of those teachers who acted more as a mentor and friend rather than a typical teacher. Maintaining a healthy and friendly relation with the students, supporting them outside your comfort zone and continuously trying to improve are a few qualities I have seen in him. Learning from him has been an enriching experience and I look forward to have more teachers like him im future.

Faraz A.

Cedar College

Sir Zain Merchant taught me Computer Science in A2. He was extremely helpful; his notes were organized and detailed. He also compiled past paper questions topically and worked through them with us in class. This material is not available online, and was crucial in clearing my concepts. Sir answered any queries we had, as many times we asked. With his guidance I did well in school and managed to secure an A in my CAIE.

Sana L.


I joined sir Zain Merchant’s tuition for A level computer science after struggling with programming in the AS level. From my very first class sir Zain made the environment very comfortable and conducive to learning, and made me feel very welcome despite my weakness in the subject.
In addition to this, he always encouraged questions, and often answered the same query multiple times and with different approaches to help me understand concepts and ideas. Solving past paper questions in class together helped find solutions and workable codes for longer and more technical questions as a group, and the compiled past papers books we received made everything very easy. The notes sir zain provided were excellently compiled, covering every topic in a systematic way, without any unnecessary information that was usually found it Computer Science textbooks. The notes made studying for tests and exams very simple and organised, allowing us to study and learn efficiently. Sir Zain also explained concepts with real life examples. This was by far my favourite thing about him as a teacher, his ability to link the syllabus to real life examples to cultivate interest in the subject. I would definitely recommend students to join Sir Zain’s computer science classes!



I am student of A2 my name is Muhammad Ahmed (1883244). I feel extremely proud to say that I am a student of Sir Zain Merchant. The most passionate, knowledgeable and responsible teacher I have ever studied from. I have studied Computer Science in my O levels and attended sessions of renowned A level Computer Science teachers in Karachi. But never felt more engaging and productive in anyone’s class beside sir Zain .He is an exception due to the fact that he not just delivers the lesson but his class is so interactive and engaging that one is himself motivated to push himself to the limits. His style of delivering lectures giving real world examples and helping us practically implement what we learn really helped clear our concepts. One thing which makes Sir Zain stand out is that he really cares and helps his students. For us he is not just a teacher, but he is our mentor, our councillor and most importantly our friend. I’ll never forget these two years I spent studying computer Science from him. Thank you Sir, for all the hard work you did for us. I sincerely wish you the very best.

Muhammad A.

Cedar College

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