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Yawer Hussain

Yawer Hussain has a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Waterloo. After graduation he worked at Streit Pakistan for couple of years before pursuing a career in the financial industry. He has 5 years of experience in the financial sector working for UBL Bank and the JS Group.

When he was not helping people make millions, he dedicated his time to development of football in our youth. He served as the joint Head Coach of the Cedar College Football team for 2 years, winning numerous trophies for the school. He is currently endeavouring towards setting up a football academy for the youth.

Yawer believes that true learning of the business discipline comes with real life examples and developing a keen entrepreneurial intellect based on inspirations that can be found in everyday instances around us.

He can be found frequently taking a dip in the ocean at the beaches and uses every opportunity to visit. He is also a staunch believer of continuous self-improvement and encourages the same for everyone around him.

Business Studies with Yawer Hussain

Yawer is teaching the following courses for the Oct/Nov 2021 examinations. 

AS Level Business

Start Date: 7th June, 2021

Monday and Wednesday:
6.30 pm to 7.50 pm

Course Fee: PKR 7,000/- per month.

A2 Level Business

Start Date: 7th June, 2021

Tuesday and Thursday:
5.00 pm to 6.20 pm

Course Fee: PKR 8,000/- per month.

Course Features

We believe that there is more to online education than just video conferencing and lecture delivery.
Live Lectures
Tune in to lectures in real-time and have the opportunity to maximise learning with student-teacher interaction.
Class Recordings
Missed a lecture? Not to worry! All classes are recorded and made accessible to students for viewing at a later time.
Supplementary Videos
Have access to specialised guidance videos with tips and tricks on how to prepare for exams.
Digital Notes
Have access to all notes made by the teacher himself!
Past Papers Practice
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Worksheets and Quizzes
If you’re tired of past papers and want to test your knowledge, access to additional testing material is available.
Q/A Sessions
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Online Community
Be a part of a community dedicated to your class – where you can interact with your classmates and teachers, and get help 24/7.
One-on-One Support
Need a bit of extra help? The Circle offers additional one-on-one support for all students that need it.

Some Happy Campers

You are the best teacher students could ever hope for! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! For the rest of my life, I'll be extremely thankful for having a brilliant teacher like you. The lessons you have taught will be remembered forever while your inspiration will always give me the strength to succeed.

Abdullah A.

Cedar College

Boring subject like business was quite fun with you

Malaika B.

Cedar College

Thankyou so much for always making the 9 am class even though I would be really sleepy but you would always make it fun. Thanks for always being there for us.

Zahra K.

Cedar College

The only class I looked forward to going (specially Fridays documentary sessions). If sir yawer didn’t magically appear in AS during our last term, I wouldn’t have gotten a B in business

Rida S

Cedar College

Sir Yawer has always found a way to make his classes entertaining and enjoyable. He was one of the teachers who would always stand out in the crowd because of how lively and positive he has been - always able to have fun with a bunch of teenagers! In the two years of studying with Sir Yawer, he has brought our hopes up whenever he could and I will forever be grateful for having a teacher like him. Much respect!

Anusha S.

Cedar College

Your class was the only class that I always looked forward to.You worked soo hard on us which im grateful for,you never failed to make us laugh.I loved how devoted you were that you used to spend soo much time in many the slideshows.Business was fun with you.

Mehreen K.

Cedar College

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