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Nausher Alam

An educational disruptor based in Lahore, Nausher Alam has been expanding internationally of late, with contributions in Physics as well as the roaring successes of his students. As a student himself, he found himself teaching friends and family around him, despite managing a family business, and pursuing degrees in engineering, physics and business. Since then, he has pursued the role of a teacher, and is grateful to have found work where his passion truly lies. 

Course Features

We believe that there is more to online education than just video conferencing and lecture delivery.
Live Lectures
Tune in to lectures in real-time and have the opportunity to maximise learning with student-teacher interaction.
Class Recordings
Missed a lecture? Not to worry! All classes are recorded and made accessible to students for viewing at a later time.
Supplementary Videos
Have access to specialised guidance videos with tips and tricks on how to prepare for exams.
Past Papers Practice
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Worksheets and Quizzes
If you’re tired of past papers and want to test your knowledge, access to additional testing material is available.
One-on-One Support
Need a bit of extra help? The Circle offers additional one-on-one support for all students that need it.
Q/A Sessions
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Online Community
Be a part of a community dedicated to your class – where you can interact with your classmates and teachers, and get help 24/7.

Sample Lecture Videos

Get a taste of what to expect by going through Nausher’s class recordings!

Some Happy Campers

Sir Nausher Shahzad Alam, a renowned physics teacher for the world but for me, he’s so much more; a support system, a mentor and when needed even a friend. I consider myself among the extremely lucky individuals who had the privilege of studying under his guidance. Here’s to Sir Nausher Shahzad Alam, not only imparting knowledge but also touching lives in the beautiful way he touched mine.

Bushra E.

My experience with Sir Nausher has been great Alhumdullilah. He taught me Physics in both my years of A levels and I can confidently say that I owe my grade in Physics to him. If you’re looking for someone to learn A or O-Level Physics from, look no more. Sir Nausher is not only a great teacher but also an amazing individual with the greatest care for his students.

Rabail M.

When it comes to the domain of learning, there are loads of influences in the circuit. However, the ways and perspectives adopted by Sir Nausher Shahzad Alam covers the basis of any problem by coping with back references, drawing out relevance with the issue and finally concluding the solution. 

Hannan S.

When a teacher is as passionate and caring as Sir Nausher, it is not hard for a student to do well. Sir Nausher was incredibly detailed when it came to introducing new topics and it was always followed by practice worksheets to make us more familiar with the material. He was always there to answer questions and gave us the confidence to work harder no matter how challenging we thought the material was. I ended up securing an A* and I do not think it would have been possible without Sir Nausher’s help. 

Amna H.

Sir Nausher has been more than just an exemplary teacher-- to me, he has also been a friend and a mentor; the pillar I could constantly lean on. Every time I walk out of his physics class, I don't just leave as a student who's learned a new law or formula; I leave with a life lesson-- as a better person, and more importantly, I leave feeling inspired and grateful. 

Iman N.

I still remember the motivation and encouragement that Sir Nausher imparted when I was studying A-Levels physics with him. Even though I was appearing for my A-Level exams privately due to some health problems, Sir Nausher’s support and help made it all seamless. 

Huda F.

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