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Dr. Taimoor Shakoori

Dr. Taimoor Shakoori is a Pharm. D (Doctor of Pharmacy) graduate, an M.Phil in Pharmaceutics,
and has taught a range of related courses such as Hospital Pharmacy, Microbiology, Medicinal and Biochemistry at the University level. Since the past decade, he has been teaching Biology O and A’levels and IBDP as a visiting faculty member, in renowned institutes in Lahore, including LGS Defence.

Striving continuously to be an effective pedagogue and androgogue of the 21st century, as evident with at least four of his students receiving Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in the last two years, his passion is to ensure that your concepts are solidified and experiential learning, enjoyable. To that end, he loves to facilitate and connect with his students, by joining them in their learning journey every step of the way.

Join Dr. Taimoor Shakoori in the interactive online journey to not only simplifying Biological concepts enough to bring them to your fingertips, but to also cracking the code of producing the highest possible grades in an exam setting!
Because learning, after all, is in our DNA!

Course Features

We believe that there is more to online education than just video conferencing and lecture delivery.
Live Lectures
Tune in to lectures in real-time and have the opportunity to maximise learning with student-teacher interaction.
Class Recordings
Missed a lecture? Not to worry! All classes are recorded and made accessible to students for viewing at a later time.
Supplementary Videos
Have access to specialised guidance videos with tips and tricks on how to prepare for exams.
Past Papers Practice
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Worksheets and Quizzes
If you’re tired of past papers and want to test your knowledge, access to additional testing material is available.
One-on-One Support
Need a bit of extra help? The Circle offers additional one-on-one support for all students that need it.
Q/A Sessions
Practice makes perfect, and we don’t shy away from perfection. Get hands on practice with past papers and explanatory solutions.
Online Community
Be a part of a community dedicated to your class – where you can interact with your classmates and teachers, and get help 24/7.

Some Happy Campers

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and dedication over the last two years. Amongst all my teachers, I felt most comfortable in reaching out to you with my queries and you were always open to support and have discussions. Your Sunday lab classes and past paper worksheets were tremendously useful.

Ieeman M.

Nixor College

Dr. Zahra you are a fantastic instructor! I wish you taught all my classes. Very logical and engaging. I for one appreciate the time you invest in providing detailed explanations to clarify concepts, you have been extremely helpful outside of class as well. One of the few Biology classes I have taken where I found the lectures valuable and enjoyable.

Agha S.

St. Micheal's High School

I would like to nominate you for a teaching award because you revived my love for Biology. Thank you for teaching the course content thoroughly and with enthusiasm. You genuinely care that the students understood the material and enjoyed the class. I am also grateful for your assistance outside the class on your own time. You are definitely the best Biology lecturer I have ever had

Rasmia K.

Cedar College

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